Which resources does Vanta fetch from GCP?

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The following items are the resource types that Vanta supports fetching in from Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Supported Resources

  •  Artifact Registry repositories
  •  CloudSQL instances
  •  Cloud Task Queues
  •  Datastore projects
  •  Firestore database
  •  Log buckets
  •  Log sinks
  •  Monitoring policies
  •  Networks
  •  Role grants
  • Roles
  •  Storage buckets
  •  Subnets
  •  Cloud Functions
  •  Firebase Hosting
  •  Firebase Authentication
  •  Google Cloud Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud Armor
  • Bigquery datasets
  • Bigtable instances

Resources such as cloud functions, load balancer forwarding rules, GKE Clusters, Services created by GKE  (Cluster IP, Node Port, Internal LB), Autopilot clusters,  and any other resource type not listed above is not supported at the moment.


How do I track the resources Vanta does not support fetching?

Administrators have the option to add these unsupported resources custom inventory items. You can see Bulk Upload Custom Inventory Items and Tracking Inventory in Vanta for details on this. Once the items are admins can add a description and specify if the resource contains user data or not.


Administrators will also need to work with their auditor to collect manual evidence for these resources and store this evidence as a Custom Document in Vanta.