Tracking Inventory in Vanta

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Creating a complete inventory list is a great first step to a successful compliance project. Vanta gathers information from your connected services and pre-populates this information in Inventory.  For everything else, you must manually enter components within your organization's control or on your corporate network.



Tracking items from outside your integrated services

  • First, determine the items used to provide your business’ services and then log them here. We’ll have you assign ownership to each item and flag sensitive items so we can monitor their configuration.
  • This includes office network devices, end-user devices, or additional infrastructure components not hosted on a Vanta-supported cloud provider.


  • Corporate network devices: ISP modems, wireless routers, office switches, etc.
  • Corporate office devices: copiers, printers, and sign-in iPads that typically connect to the corporate network.
  • End-user devices not assigned to a person, e.g. laptops in storage for future employees.
  • On-premise data center presence (servers, databases, etc.)
  • Domains and subdomains that require vulnerability scanning

To track an item that’s not on the drop-down list:

  • Select All Custom Items from the list on the Inventory page
  • Select Add Item

  • Find the new item and add the needed information by clicking the pen icon in each column category



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the number of computers detected in my Inventory different to the number on the Computers page? 

A: The Computers page will display devices that have a User registered as the owner of the device, where the Inventory page will display all devices that either have the Vanta Agent installed, or have been synced from your MDM. 
The inventory list can be filtered by 'No Owner' to identify which devices have not been registered to a user


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