Frequently Asked Questions: What Password Managers Does Vanta detect?

Katie D.
Katie D.
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Windows Apps:

  • 1Password
  • Bitwarden
  • Dashlane (Note: Desktop App has been sunset) *
  • Enpass
  • KeePass Password Safe
  • Lastpass
  • McAfee True Key
  • MYKI
  • NordPass
  • RoboForm
  • Thycotic Password Manager
  • Trend Micro Apex One Security Agent
  • eWallet
  • SafeInCloud

macOS Apps:

  • 1Password
  • Bitwarden
  • Dashlane (Note: Desktop App has been sunset) *
  • Enpass
  • NordPass
  • KeePass
  • KeePassXC
  • LastPass
  • MacPass
  • Okta
  • OneLogin
  • Password Wallet
  • RememBear
  • SafeInCloud
  • Sticky Password
  • Strongbox
  • Trend Micro Apex One Security Agent

Browser Extensions (Vanta Agent Only)

  • 1Password (Chrome, Safari)
  • 1Password X (Chrome, Firefox)
  • 1Password X Beta (Chrome, Firefox)
  • Bitwarden (Chrome, Firefox)
  • Dashlane (Chrome, Firefox)
  • Devolutions Web Login (Chrome, Edge)
  • Dropbox Passwords (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • KeePassXC (Chrome, Firefox)
  • Keeper (Chrome, Firefox)
  • Microsoft Autofill (Chrome)
  • Lastpass (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)
  • NordPass (Chrome, Firefox)
  • Norton Password Manager (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • Okta Browser Plugin (Chrome, Firefox)
  • Onelogin (Chrome, Firefox)
  • Passbolt (Chrome, Firefox)
  • PassPortal (Chrome)
  • RoboForm (Chrome)
  • RPass extension by Rippling (Chrome)
  • Total AV Password Vault Assistant (Chrome)
  • True Key by McAfee (Chrome)
  • Zoho Vault (Chrome, Firefox)
  • SafeInCloud

Linux Packages 

  • 1Password

Additional Information

    • The above list is in reference to the Vanta agent; We are currently unable to detect browser extensions via connected MDMs
    • We do not count the macOS keychain as a password manager, as it comes preinstalled with all macOS installs, and there's no way to confirm that it's in use.
    • Desktop Apps that have been sunset will continue to be detected by the Vanta agent while installed, but may no longer function as expected. It's recommend to only use apps that are supported and in use.
    • If you are using a password manager not listed on this page, please submit a feature request to with your request.