Uninstalling the Vanta Agent

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If you need to uninstall the Vanta agent on one of your devices, follow these instructions based on the machine's Operating System (OS). 


  1. Open Terminal. To do this, use the search (cmd + space bar) and search for Terminal.
  2. Once open copy/paste the command

    sudo /usr/local/vanta/vanta-cli uninstall

  3. Press enter. You'll be prompted to enter your password (This is the password you use for either opening your computer or installing applications.)
    Note: You will not see active typing, but the text is being captured.
  4. It is now uninstalled


  1.  Go to Apps & features, search for Vanta and click on the Uninstall button.
  2. Delete the files in the Vanta folder from this location C:\ProgramData\Vanta.
  3. If you wish to uninstall the agent through Powershell, check out the following article: Uninstalling The Vanta Agent Windows Powershell


  1.  Open the command line, and copy/paste

    sudo vanta-cli uninstall

Removing the device from Vanta

Uninstalling does not remove the agent registration within Vanta. As an admin, you can visit the Computers page to remove the Vanta agent, individually or in bulk.



Once an agent is disabled, Vanta will no longer pick up updates for that device through the agent. Monitors will no longer look at these agents.





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