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Connecting Vanta & Jamf Pro

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 Machines not managed by Jamf should still use the Vanta agent. 


Connecting Vanta & Jamf Pro

  • Open Integrations from the left-hand navigation panel
  • Select Add under Mobile device management tools and Jamf Pro from the dropdown.
  • Log into your Jamf Pro administrator account. Create a new user that meets Vanta’s requirements: full access and the Auditor permission set. Hold on to the username/password––you’ll need to add them to Vanta.
  • Enter the credentials for this account and your *.jamfcloud.com domain into the Vanta connections flow. Select Validate credentials. You will receive either a confirmation that the credentials are configured correctly or an error message explaining how they’re misconfigured.
  • Please keep in mind that Machines not managed by Jamf Pro should still use the Vanta Agent.
  • Currently, Vanta does not support the OnPrem deployment of Jamf Pro.

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