Getting Started with the Vanta Agent

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Don’t use an MDM?  The Vanta Agent is here to help!  It can be installed on all company computers to continually monitor compliance.  This software uses OSQuery to detect specific settings and applications installed on the devices.  The Vanta Agent is a lightweight program designed to run in the background of your computer. It has a very low-performance impact: once you install the app and register your device, you shouldn’t have to think about it.


The Vanta Agent is read-only, which means it will not change anything on your machines. It has limited functionality to read data (Vanta deploys a modified version of osquery that excludes tables that we find dangerous). The agent does not read sensitive information like passwords, emails, or browsing history.  


Before Installing the Agent

  • Make sure Google Chrome is set as your default browser. 

Installing the Agent

Supported Versions

Please see Supported operating systems for the Vanta Agent.


Having trouble getting the agent installed?  See our troubleshooting articles for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

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