Renewing Policies

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Here we’ll go over the steps for renewing an existing policy. This can be especially useful when your policy requires renewal annually, but no changes or edits are required.


Renew a Policy

  • From the Policies page, search for the policy you would like to renew.
    Click on
    the ellipsis for the appropriate policy, then click View Details, or click the policy name directly.



  • Select Renew
    Note: 'Renew
    ' does not have the option to edit the document. To make any edits or changes to the policy, use the 'Create new version' option from the banner.



  • Choose the approver. You can assign the approval to another admin, or If you are the approver, you can assign yourself. Click Next.


  • On the next step, the employee groups subject to reaccepting the policy will be listed in the pop-up modal. Policies do not need to be reaccepted every year, with the exception of the onboarding SLA

  • You will need to choose from the following options

    • Yes, ask employees to reaccept this policy: This will prompt employees to reaccept the policy. This is helpful in instances where you have made significant changes to this policy, such as introducing a new section.
      • Note: Employees will be notified to accept the new policy based on the Employee Reminders setting, enabled from the Notifications page.
        If employee reminders are not enabled, you can send a one time manual reminder using the 'Send Reminder' button from the People page.
        See Employee Reminders and Settings for more information on these settings. 
    • No, don't ask employees to reaccept this policy: Employees will not be asked to reaccept the policy. This is helpful when we have only made minor changes to this policy, such as fixing typos.


  • Select Submit.


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