Renewing Policies

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Renew a Policy

  • Navigate to the Policies page in the left-hand column under Compliance
  • Search for the policy you want to renew
  • Click the three-dots menu for the appropriate policy, then select View Details from the dropdown, or click directly on the policy name


Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 4.44.44 PM.png

  • Select Renew
    • Note: 'Renew' does not have the option to edit the existing document.

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  • Choose the approver. You can assign the approval to another admin, or If you are the approver, you can assign it to yourself. Click Next

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  • On the next step, the employee groups subject to reaccepting the policy will be listed in the pop-up modal. Policies do not need to be reaccepted every year, with the exception of the onboarding SLA
  • You will need to choose from the following options
    • Yes, ask employees to reaccept this policy: This will prompt employees to reaccept the policy. This is helpful in instances where you have made significant changes to this policy, such as introducing a new section.
      • Note: Employees will be notified to accept the new policy based on the Employee Reminders setting enabled from the Notifications page.
        If employee reminders are not enabled, you can send a one-time manual reminder using the 'Send Reminder' button from the People page.
        See Employee Reminders and Settings for more information on these settings. 
    • Don't ask employees to reaccept this policy: Employees will not be asked to reaccept the policy. This is helpful when we have only made minor changes to this policy, such as fixing typos.


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