Vanta Security Awareness Training (SAT)

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Katie D.
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Vanta Security Awareness Training

Vanta offers security awareness training developed by our in-house security and compliance experts to help ensure your employees learn about essential security topics in a way that nurtures a positive and strong culture of safety.

Vanta’s security awareness training is housed directly within the Vanta platform—which means your employees can view and complete the video without leaving the Vanta onboarding page.

Employees will see the seven-minute training video on their onboarding page and will need to watch the video in its entirety. Once watched and submitted, it automatically marks the task as complete.




Topics Covered

  • Reporting suspicious activity
  • Protecting your accounts
    • Passwords and passphrases
    • Password managers
    • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Common attacks
    • SIM swapping
    • Credential stuffing
    • Malware
    • Ransomware
  • Social engineering
    • Phishing
    • Patterns and tactics 
    • Social media best practices
    • Reporting suspicious messages
  • Protecting your devices
    • Screen locking
    • Biometrics and passcodes
    • Device updates
  • Protecting sensitive information
    • Principle of least privilege
    • Secure data handling
  • Office security and remote work
    • Whiteboard hygiene
    • Clean desk best practices
    • Secure document handling and disposal
    • Remote work best practices


Setting up Security Awareness Training

Admins can set up security awareness training from the Checklist settings page. We recommend not making this change during an audit window, but Vanta maintains all prior evidence of security awareness training completion if a change is made.

  • Email reminders to complete SAT for current employees will be based on your current SLA.