Integrating Vanta & Datadog

The Vanta integration with Datadog automatically collects user access information and cloud infrastructure monitoring evidence. If you are using Datadog instead of or along with your cloud provider to monitor your cloud infrastructure, we will automatically collect all the evidence required for different compliance and security frameworks; no manual uploads are required!
With the Datadog integration:
  • Admins can see who has access to Datadog on the Access page in Vanta and satisfy controls around access management. Also, Vanta will remind you to remove access when an employee leaves your company.
  • Auditors can verify evidence for infrastructure monitors that you may have created in Datadog to satisfy controls around infrastructure monitoring. 

Connecting Vanta & Datadog

  • To add a Datadog account to Vanta, you must navigate to the Integrations page, select the Available tab, and search for DataDog.
  • Click Connect:
  •  After clicking Connect, you will be prompted to enter the Application Key, and API Key, and select a region.
  • For the Application key, create an application key on the Application Keys Page (EU link here) in Datadog and input the key value in Vanta.
  • For the API key, create an API key from the Organization Settings Page (EU link here) in Datadog and input the key value in Vanta.
  • To create an API key, you must have minimum permissions of Standard Role withh
    • user_access_read
    • metrics_read
  • For Region, choose US, US3, or EU. See these instructions to determine your region.


  • Click Store token to complete the connection flow. To make updates or modifications, admins can go to the Connections page, scroll to the Monitoring services section and select the ... and select Edit:
Once you complete the connection, Vanta will automatically enable all the Datadog-related tests in your environment. You can verify this by going to the Tests page, entering Datadog in the search box, and seeing a list of all the Datadog-related tests based on your Datadog monitoring setup. Note: Except for the account access tests, all the other tests are in the Monitoring Alerts category on the Tests page.
  • Note: Each passing or failing test has a description or remediation steps to provide you with all the information.
Example of a passing test:
Example of a failing test:
  • Depending on other integrations you have connected, you may see tests for both setting up the monitors in DataDog, as well as the cloud service provider you have connected.
  • Vanta will leave both tests to allow you to choose where the monitor is best for you to set up. We recommend deactivating monitoring for the test you will not use by selecting the test and selecting "Deactivate monitoring" from the dropdown in the top right corner.