Vanta & Snyk Integration

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Using the Vanta and Snyk integration, Vanta will collect projects and vulnerabilities from Snyk and display them under a new tab on the vulnerabilities page. You’ll be alerted if new vulnerabilities are added as well as if any of your vulnerabilities are approaching SLAs, so you can track remediation!


Connecting Vanta & Snyk

  • Verify that your current Snyk plan supports Rich API 
  • From Vanta, open the Integrations page and go to the Available tab
  • Find Snyk and click Connect
  • After clicking connect the following pop-up will appear.



  • Add the API token from your Snyk account.
    • Select the correct Organization you want to integration with Vanta
  • Alternatively, you may provide the API token from a service account
    • Ensure you are in the correct Snyk Group and Organization
  • Select Validate and Store


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