Vanta Trust Center

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Vanta Trust Center is the way to demonstrate a commitment to security by proactively sharing your security program details–that you've been working so hard to achieve–with customers and prospects.


Trust Center Overview

The Trust Center overview page is where you will create and manage your Trust Center. 

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  • From here, you will be able to view total visits, individual page views, resource downloads, and passing controls to showcase in your Trust Center 



  • The Access tab will show the history of viewers who have been granted access, as well as how many times they have viewed the page. 
  • Access Requests will allow you to accept or deny requests made to view your Trust Center 

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  • The Activity tab will show you all of the viewing activity  within your Trust Center 

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  • The settings page will allow you to choose which documents are requested only. This means viewers would have to request access to the specific document in order to view it

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Editing your Trust Center 

  • From the Trust Center overview page, select Edit
  • Items can be added to your Trust Center by selecting the pen icon next to the category you would like to manage 

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  • List the compliance Frameworks your company has achieved by selecting the pen icon next to Compliance

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Adding Resources

Resources can be added from Vanta or uploaded from your desktop. We suggest you include the following:

  • Link to your company's security page
  • SOC 2 report
  • ISO 27001 report
  • Penetration tests
  • Policy report
  • Previously filled-out security questionnaires
  • Anything else you want to include

The Overview page shows your top four resources. Customers and prospects can access the rest of your resources from your Resources tab. Only resources you have added will be visible to those with access to your Trust Center.

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  • Select the Controls tab
  • Select the pen icon to add, edit, and manage what controls will be visible on your Trust Center 

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  • From here, you can add categories to list your controls under, as well as pick which controls you would like to be visible to viewers of your Trust Center 

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  • Add subprocess from the subprocessor tab by selecting the pen icon
  • Complete the information required in the pop-up modal for that information to appear on your Trust Center 

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Adding Updates 

Updates regarding your company's security and compliance can be added to the updates tab and provide valuable information about recent happenings within your organization

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Adding FAQs

Use the FAQ section of the Trust Center to proactively address those commonly asked questions your organization gets repeatedly requested. Examples of what you should include in your FAQ:

  • Commonly asked security questions
  • Permission requirements
  • Data storage locations
  • Anything that your sales or security team gets questions about

The FAQ tab displays all your questions and answers, while the Overview page shows your top four FAQs.

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