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Vanta Trust Report is the way to demonstrate a commitment to security by proactively sharing your security program details–that you’ve been working so hard to achieve–with customers and prospects.


Trust Report Home

The Trust Report home is where you will create your Trust Report for the first time. From home, you can also: 

  • Share your Trust Report directly with prospects and customer 
  • Create a public security page
  • Preview, edit, and share the report 
  • View statistics of who has access to the report and how many views it has
  • Manage access to the report
  • Check analytics for total views, page views, and document downloads
  • Review the remediation section to see what is in your report and how to make it stronger

Looking for inspiration? You can view Vanta’s Trust Report in the footer on our homepage or at

Every report will include the real-time monitoring of your company's controls powered by Vanta and when Vanta last checked them. Additionally, for each report, you can add:

  • Custom color scheme branding and edit your company description
  • Custom domain, check out ours at 
  • Email address for your company’s security contact
  • FAQs to the most commonly asked questions you receive about your security
  • Append documents, links, questionnaires, reports, certificates, and more to bring data from into Vanta
  • List the types of data your company does and does not collect
    • Employee personal identifiable information
    • Customer personally identifiable information
    • Credit card information
    • Personal health information


Adding Documents

Documents can be added from Vanta or uploaded from your desktop. We suggest you include:

  • Link to your company’s security page
  • SOC 2 report
  • ISO 27001 report
  • Penetration tests
  • Policy report
  • Previously filled-out security questionnaires
  • Anything else you want to include

The Overview page shows your top four documents. Customers and prospects can access the rest of your documents from your Documents tab. Only documents you have added will be visible to those who have access to your Trust Report.

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 12.17.13 PM.png


Adding FAQs

Use the FAQ section of the Trust Report to proactively address those commonly asked questions your organization gets asked time and time again. Examples of what you should include in your FAQ:

  • Commonly asked security questions
  • Permission requirements
  • Data storage locations
  • Anything that your sales or security team gets questions about

The FAQ tab displays all your questions and answers, while the Overview page shows your top four FAQs.



Vanta pulls your monitored controls directly from your Vanta platform and surfaces them in your Trust Report. The more passing controls you display, the better results you'll see from your Trust Report. 

While this section is not editable from your Trust Packet, you can view non-passing controls that require remediation in order to include them in your Trust Report. 



  • Within the Trust Report settings, admins can create a public version of their report and set access settings on individual documents to restrict the visibility of sensitive documents to viewers who have explicitly been granted access. Viewers of the Trust Report can request full access, and admins can manage access requests from within the Vanta app.


Private Sharing 

When a report is set to private, only the people whose emails have been added can receive and view the Trust Report.

  • A Vanta admin/editor can add an email address to the Trust Report
  • Set an expiration date, or not
  • The recipient gets an email with a link that allows only them to view the Trust Report


Public Sharing

When a report is set to public, anyone with a link can view the report without any authentication, but you can restrict access to certain documents.


Set up public view & configure document access

  • Go to the Trust Report settings page.
  • Toggle Enable public view


  • Once a public view is enabled, toggle access settings for documents in the table.


Access request flow

  • For documents requiring access requests, external viewers see a Request access button instead of the usual Download.
  • Clicking on Request access pops up the following modal
  • Access requests you receive are managed from the Trust Report page.
    • Granting access to a user gives them access to the full Trust Report




Once you start to send your Trust Report to customers and prospects, you’ll want to track how it performs. Locate tracking information in the Stats section on the Trust Report home page. 

The Stats section of your Trust Report will provide a high-level glance at how people interact with your Trust Report:

  • Number of unique viewers
  • Pages viewed
  • Documents downloaded




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