Vanta sends notifications to help you and your team stay on top of issues and compliance tasks. notifications can be customized to match personal preferences, and team needs.Notification channels

  • Email requires no setup. Most email notifications are on by default.




Types of notifications

  • Alerts are triggered by specific events, such as a test that has recently changed to needing attention or a Vanta admin that was recently added to your account.
  • Immediate alerts are specific to a single type of issue and are usually time-sensitive—Vanta batches quick alerts on a 4-hour cadence to avoid over-notifying you.



  • Digests (also known as Summaries) are sent regularly and include an overview of all issues and tasks across a category.
  • Digests are intended to give you a birds-eye view of your progress and what you need to work on. You can configure digest content on a per-category basis.




Notification Destinations

  • Account notifications, such as a Slack DM or private email, are sent privately. These are generally notifications that should only be viewed by one person, such as alerts on a test that is assigned.
    • Slack DMs use the user email address in Vanta. This means the emails in Vanta must match those in the Slack workspace to receive DMs.
  • Each Vanta user within your company configures their content and channel preferences on the Account notifications page.



  • Company notifications are sent to shared channels, such as Slack or mailing lists. These are notifications that multiple people at your company may want to see, such as an overview of your engineering progress.
  • You can configure preferences on behalf of your entire company on the Company notifications page.