Migrating your HRIS System

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Are you planning to switch your HRIS system? To prevent interruptions or unwanted user duplications, here are the steps to follow when switching to your new HRIS system. 

  • Confirm that Vanta supports your new HRIS tool 
  • Ensure all employees have been set up in the new HRIS system (Ideally, the emails in the new HRIS match the employee's email in the identity provider!)
  • DO NOT turn off your original HRIS before disconnecting it from Vanta
    • If the original HRIS is turned off before being disconnected, Vanta will think all employees need off-boarding, and all users will get locked out. Please get in touch with support@vanta.com if this happens. 
  • Delete integration with the original HRIS system.
  • Connect your new HRIS System.
  • Review user matching after you successfully connected your new HRIS system