Exporting Gap Assessments

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A gap assessment is a method organizations use to evaluate the difference or "gap" between their current compliance state and their desired state (where they want to be). This assessment helps identify areas where improvements are needed to achieve specific goals, such as compliance with regulations, meeting industry standards, or improving performance.

Accessing Gap Assessments

  • From the Frameworks page, select the Framework you would like to begin a gap assessment for
  • Select More from the top right-hand corner 
  • Choose Export gap assessment

Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 4.16.56 PM.png

  • A download will begin and provide you with a PDF summary of the Frameworks page, allowing you to identify areas of the Framework that require attention

You can use this as a checklist to see what you have completed and what you need to do next and share it internally with other stakeholders at your company. To showcase your compliance and security posture to prospects and customers, we recommend the Trust Center, where you can customize the controls you want to share and post updates about compliance progress in the Updates section.