Managing your Documents

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The Documents Page gives your company a list of needed documents for specific IT Security compliances and indicates whether your team has uploaded them to meet audit requirements. Documents often need to be uploaded, renewed, removed, or adjusted. All of this can be done from Vanta's Documents Page.


Adding or Updating Documents

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Documents. From here, you will be able to see the complete list of documents needed and documents that have already been uploaded.
  • Select Document Needed for a specific document or Add Document at the top right-hand corner to add a new record.

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  • After clicking Add Document, you will be prompted to complete the pop-up with the Document itself and document information.


  • Clicking on a specific document name will bring you to a page with information surrounding the Document's history.
  • You can upload a new document or a new version of the Document or add a link to it if it is stored elsewhere.
    • Vanta supports a variety of file types for document uploads to ensure flexibility and convenience for users. The supported file types include: .ai, .csv, .docx, .jpg, .pdf, .png, .txt, .webp, .xlsx, and .zip. The maximum file size allowed for uploads is 50 MB. This allows users to upload documents in formats that are most accessible and convenient for them, including image files like .png


  • This page will also show you the audit history, showing the actions taken in the document within Vanta


  • The Details section of the page will describe the Document, its time density and occurrence, and ownership.
    • Ownership can be adjusted by selecting Edit and a new assignee from the dropdown. 



    • From the home page, select the radio button next to Document and edit the owner using the dropdown at the top right 




Bulk Uploading Documents 

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Add Document followed by Import documents 

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  • Download the Excel template 

Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 4.55.00 PM.png

  • Complete the columns with the following information
    • Name: document name
    • Description: document description
    • Restricted (Restricted documents can only be viewed by their owners, Admin-level users, and auditors): valid values include:
      • true 
      • false
    • Cadence (This is how often the document needs to be renewed since the most recent upload): valid values include: 
        • Never
        • Weekly
        • Monthly
        • Quarterly
        • Bi-annually
        • Annually
    • Time Sensitivity: valid values include
      • Anytime
      • During audit window
    • Control IDs (optional) - Assign the control ID found on the controls page (ex. "AST-1", or "AST-1,AST5" if there are multiple)
  • Once the template is completed, select the + and upload into Vanta 

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  • Select Import

Editing Document details

  • To edit the document filename, Description, or recurrence start date, select the Document title you want to update.
  • Once on the documents details page, select the Document you want to edit.
  • Select Edit and make the necessary changes.

Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 10.26.32 AM.png

Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 3.02.11 pm.png


Setting / Editing Document Recurrence

  • Click into the document you would like to edit
  • From the Details section, select Edit under Time Sensitivity & recurrence 

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 3.08.17 PM.png

  • Select
    • Annually
    • Bi-annually
    • Quarterly
    • Monthly
    • Weekly
    • Never

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Removing Documents 

  • To remove a document, select the title you want to delete
  • Once on the documents details page, select More from the document you would like to delete
  • Select Delete

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Downloading Documents

  • Export All: Will download all of your documents stored on the Documents page in a zipped file 

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  • Export One:
    • Select the title of the document you would like to download
    • Once on the documents details page, select the Document you want to remove.
    • Select Download


Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 9.56.01 AM.png


Sensitive Documents

Documents marked with a sensitive tag are restricted to document owners and users with Admin permissions.  Auditors are granted temporary access to sensitive documents to verify your organization is following the requirements for SOC 2 during a schedule audit period.  

It is not possible to change the sensitivity of a default document. Custom documents can be flagged as Sensitive; See Marking Custom Documents as Sensitive for more details. 

Examples of Sensitive documents include:

  • Board of Directors meeting
  • Background checks
  • Exit interview
  • Org chart
  • Performance evaluations
  • Contractor Agreement
  • Employee agreement

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