Test Priorities & SLAs

  • Updated

When reviewing your list of tests, you might notice that some tests have deadlines alongside orange or red statuses.

    • A test with items that need attention but are not overdue will have an orange icon.
    • A test that has overdue items will have a red icon.
    • The detail view for the test will display the individual deadlines for each detected item.


  • Vanta is proactively notifying you regarding the SLAs you've committed to. For example, if you've committed to an SLA that "Ex-employees are offboarded within three days", Vanta will surface newly removed ex-employees alongside a 3-day recommended deadline. 
    • You can edit your SLA commitments on the Monitors page
  • Tests needing attention will only be shown in reports and made visible to your auditor if the deadline is exceeded (red). This gives you a chance to fix issues before they're flagged.