When reviewing your list of tests, you might notice that some tests have deadlines alongside orange or red statuses.





  • Vanta is proactively notifying you regarding the SLAs you've committed to. For example, if you've committed to an SLA that "Ex-employees are offboarded within three days", Vanta will surface newly removed ex-employees alongside a 3-day recommended deadline.


    • A test with items that need attention but are not yet overdue will have an orange icon.


    • A test that has overdue items will have a red icon.


    • The detail view for the test will display the individual deadlines for each detected item.



Tests needing attention will only be shown in reports and made visible to your auditor if the deadline is exceeded (red). This gives you a chance to fix issues before they're flagged.


Over the next several weeks, we'll be rolling out updates to all SLA tests to bring them in line with this model.