Smart System Description

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Automatically generate a system description with a step-by-step template using Vanta's Smart System Description functionality. A SOC 2 system description outlines the parameters of a SOC report. It contains essential information about your process, people, and tech stack supporting your product or service.

Why Smart System Description?

  • Save over ten hours manually creating and formatting a system description or thousands of dollars having an auditor prepare it for you.
  • Eliminate duplicative work. Smart System Description prefills much of the necessary information for a system description, like system components and SLAs, from elsewhere in Vanta.
  • Avoid audit delays

Enable Smart System Descriptions

  • Open the Frameworks page from the left-hand navigation panel 
  • Choose a framework
  • Select Edit system description 

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  • From here, you can:
    • Upload your own
      • Use pre-written system descriptions for your SOC2
      • Add a link to a pre-written system description for your SOC2


  • Generate a System Description using the template



Using the Template

Vanta's System Description generator consists of several sections to complete - Inputs will be autosaved so you can close and re-open them anytime. Some information will be prefilled based on the integrations and policies you have enabled within Vanta; boilerplate language has been used to help with some responses. These can be changed as needed to match your system best.

  • Open each section and complete the required information
  • Make any necessary edits, or add needed options to fit your needs
  • Once the form's sections are finished, press Generate to create the System Description .docx to share with your auditor.
    • Generating may take up to 30 seconds.
    • You can download documents from the System Description (Section III) page by selecting Download on the appropriate version.

Edit Recurrence

  • Select More from the top right corner
  • Choose the time frame for recurrence and how many days in advance you would like to be notified.
  • Select Save