Bulk Edit Scope in Vanta

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There are times when there may be a large number of users or resources appearing in scope for a connection on the Integrations Page. Rather than marking these users or resources individually, you can type in a keyword or shared email domain in the search field of the integration and mark all in or out of scope to save time.



  • Navigate to the desired connection on the Integrations Page
  • Click Configure scope next to the connection
    Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 11.52.16 AM.png
  • If viewing the Identity Provider or HR integration, you can type in a common email domain that the users may share (e.g., google.com or vanta.com). If looking at cloud resources, searching by a keyword like 'test' can help populate resources with that word listed 
  • Once you've validated that all users or resources are showing, you can select Mark All In or Mark All Out. This will make the scoping change for all items appearing