How to Configure JumpCloud - Screen Lock

  • Updated

When using JumpCloud, Vanta will check to ensure the Screen Lock policy is configured. The name does not matter in this case.


Create a Screen Lock Policy

  • Log in to the JumpCloud Administrator Portal and then go to "Policy Management"


  • Look for a green + button that will allow you to add a new policy.


  • Select Windows, Mac, or Linux, then search for "Lock Screen".

  • The policy name can be left as default as it does not affect it.
  • Set a timer function for the Screen Lock policy to take effect.
    1. Note: The timeout is in seconds.
    2. Note: The max timeout that Vanta will accept is 60 minutes or 3600 seconds.

  • Afterwards make sure you select a device group and then save the policy. If you save the policy without saving it to a device group then the policy will have no effect.