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Connecting Vanta & Hubspot

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Hubspot allows users to connect tools like Vanta using OAuth2. Users can configure a Hubspot account and connect with Vanta, enabling Vanta to make API calls on behalf of the app.


Integrating Vanta & Hubspot

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Integrations
  • Select Available from the top left corner

  • This page will show you all available integrations with the Vanta platform
  • Search for Hubspot in the open search field 
  • Select Connect

  • Select Connect Hubspot 


  • Connect your Hubspot account


  • You will be redirected back to Vanta
  • If you return to the Connected tab and filter by Hubspot you will see the Hubspot integration active Screen_Shot_2023-01-18_at_13.15.13.png
  • You can also view access through the Access Page, found in the left-hand navigation panel



  • Filter by Hubspot service
  • Here you will see the list of users in your Hubspot Workspace


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