Create a Custom Document

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Creating Custom Documents 

  • Select the +Add document button in the upper right-hand corner of the Documents page


Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 4.59.22 PM.png


  • In the box that appears on the screen, fill out all applicable fields.



  • When done, click the Create document button on the bottom.
  • Next you'll be brought to the Add document to control window
    • If the Add document to control modal doesn't appear automatically, you can open it by clicking More in the upper right corner of the new document and selecting Add control

  • In the Add document to control modal, search for the name of the desired Control
    • You can use the Framework dropdown to narrow down the search results

  • When you locate the desired Control, select the name and click the Add button on the right

  • To add files to the new document, select Upload under Add a new document
    • If the document is linked in another platform, select Add Link and paste the URL into the open field.


  • Choose the file you would like to upload 
  • Add a description and the document's effective date
  • Select Upload 



Editing Custom Documents

  • Click on the More button in the top right corner from the document's page.


  • Select Edit Custom document from the dropdown.
  • On the box that appears on the page, fill out all changes to the Custom Document.


  • When done making changes, click the Save button on the bottom