Error: “Unable to connect to osquery”

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Environment Details

Users with Vanta installed on a Mac device may see the following error after running the Vanta doctor: 



Mac Device Restart

Sometimes the UNIX socket is being held open due to a hung process. Restarting the device can clear these socket processes and allow installation to continue.

Mac uninstall/reinstall

  • Open Terminal (easiest way to find it is cmd+space bar "terminal")
  • Copy and paste the code below into the Terminal:
    sudo /usr/local/vanta/vanta-cli uninstall
  • To reinstall, restart the device
  • Then visit

After Vanta is reinstalled, Run the Vanta doctor to confirm the error is gone: 

  • Open terminal (easiest way is cmd + space bar & search for 'terminal')
  • Copy/Paste sudo /usr/local/vanta/vanta-cli doctor
  • Hit 'Return'. It may ask you for a password (use the password you have to download apps or to open your computer)


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