What Are VPC Flow Logs?

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Do you know what a VPC is? It stands for Virtual Private Cloud, a digital space where you can put your computer programs and data to keep them safe and separate from other people's data and information.
Flow logs show you all the information about the traffic in your VPC, such as where it came from, where it's going, and what kind of data it contains. This can help you understand how your programs are being used and can help keep your digital space safe from unwanted visitors. For example, if you notice an IP address outside your network accessing the VPC, it might be worth investigating, as it could be a visitor with malicious intent.  
Flow log data is collected outside of the path of your network traffic and does not affect network speed. You can create or delete flow logs without any risk of impact on network performance.
What information can VPC Logs Provide?
  • Information obtained from monitoring the VPC network
  • Perform network diagnosis
  • Traffic information: who is accessing the VPC and when?