How to re-connect AWS GovCloud after rotating Vanta IAM user's AWS secrets

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Administrators may need to rotate the Vanta IAM user's AWS secrets for compliance purposes, and this can result in Vanta losing the connection to the AWS integration.  Administrators would then be prompted to reconnect AWS on the top of the integration page.



  • They may also get a page not found when going to manage govcloud settings:

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 9.30.41 AM.png

  • To resolve this, the AWS account would need to be re-connected without deleting. This can be done by adding the same account to your Vanta instance again. This would establish a new connection to the same account resources, which afterward allows the prior account to be deleted without any data loss.



  • Head to the integrations page, click Manage, and then Edit

  • You should see the current govcloud account listed as connected (the account number is hidden in the screenshot below)
  • click Add new account


  • Follow the connection flow as normal and keep in mind you are adding the same account information for the account that is currently error disabled. See  Connecting Vanta & AWS account for more information on adding AWS accounts. 
  • Once successfully added, Vanta should begin to pull your AWS resources, you can click done on the bottom right of the screen once this loading completes


  • You can now click manage, and edit again, and delete the original govcloud account:






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