Frequently Asked Questions: Access Reviews

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Are access reviews a paid product feature? 

  •  Yes, Access Reviews is a paid feature. Reach out to your Account Executive or if you have questions!

 My system is not on your integration list; what should I do?

  • First, please submit product feedback so that we can evaluate your system for our roadmap!
  • Second, check out our existing tools for importing access data 

Does Vanta support provisioning, de-provisioning, or modifying user account access?

  • No, we do not. Vanta does not currently offer the ability to provision or de-provision access to specific applications due to the write permissions needed to perform such actions, including manipulating user access listings

Why do I need to upload a CSV for an Integrated Service in Access Reviews? 

  • Some integrated services are unable to read account user data that would be required for an Access Review, most commonly seen with HRIS & MDM Integrations
  • A CSV can be uploaded and reviewed for non-integrated or integrated services that Vanta does not pull in account/role information
  • If a vendor that required a CSV is added to the access review, a yellow ! Icon will appear, and the button to upload a file

Vendor CSV upload example.png