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Remediation Task Tracking for Access Reviews

  • Updated

Leverage your task-tracking platform with Vanta to stay on top of Access reviews that require additional action items and attention. Vanta currently integrates with Jira, Linear, Shortcut, and Asana. 


Create a Single Task Tracking Ticket

  • Open an active access review, and select a system


  • Flag an account as needing an access change by clicking the x


  • Open the account drawer and select the task tracker



  • Select Create 
  • The ticket will be created from here, and the status will be displayed within the information pop-up for the user



  • Process owners can view flagged accounts with progress ticket
  • The system admin should then process the ticket in the task-tracking platform outside of Vanta




  • The Process owner can view the flagged account with the completed ticket from the task tracker platform. 




Managing Multiple Task Tracking Tickets


  • Select the accounts to create a ticket form using the check box column on the left-hand side. 
  • Select the Create dropdown
  • Choose Create Task 




  • Complete the information from the pop-up modal and select Create. 




  • One ticket is created for each account.
  • Please note that this is a bulk creation of tickets, not a bulk ticket with multiple accounts.




  • The system admin should process each ticket from the task tracker platform outside of Vanta.




  • The process owner can view flagged accounts with completed tickets.