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Connecting Vanta & New Relic

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Connecting Vanta & New Relic

  • From the Integrations page, select the Available tab
  • Search for New Relic
  • Select Connect


  • Vanta integrates with your New Relic instance by authenticating with an API key. 
  • You will be prompted to create an API Key in New Relic, here. 
  • Click on Create a Key and select a User type key.
  • Give the key a name so that you know it's used for Vanta, ex: VantaKey.
  • Paste the API Key’s name and key into the linking flow in Vanta.
  • New Relic and Vanta's integration will
    • Automate 3 tests
    • Help pass 17 controls


Information on New Relic’s API keys can be found here