Bulk Removal of the Vanta Agent

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Situations can arise where an administrator may want to disable the Vanta agent across multiple devices at once. This article will detail how to do this on the computers page. 


To set expectations, you can only remove 100 agents at a time in bulk. If you want to remove less than 100, you need to manually select each device. If you want to remove more than 100, that is not supported, you need to go page by page, 100 at a time.


When this action is taken, the node key tied to that device becomes disabled. This is notable because if the device were to be re-used again, an administrator would need to write into support to have us toggle the node key back on.  Otherwise, the new owner cannot register the agent to themselves, even though it installs successfully. Keep this in mind before taking this action. 


Also, remember that this command does not uninstall the agent from the end device, but it does stop the device from being monitored and checked in. An administrator or the end user is still responsible for uninstalling the agent.


We would recommend uninstalling the agent from the end devices first, and if the device still shows in Vanta, then doing these steps should be the next action taken. 



  • Administrator access to Vanta
  • Confirmation the device will not be given to another employee


  • Sign Into Vanta
  • Head to the Computers page
  • Set the results to 100 per page:

  • Use the status filter to filter by last check over 14 days ago (this is optional and useful if you want to see all devices that may have not been checking in for 2+ weeks)

  • Click on the checkbox next to owners; this selects all of the devices; feel free to unselect any you do not wish to do this on

  • Then click the Disable Vanta Agent button