Vanta Workspaces

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Vanta Workspaces empowers you to oversee compliance across numerous business units, including product lines and subsidiaries. By enabling workspaces, Vanta users can seamlessly navigate between instances, all in a single, centralized location.

Workspaces are available in public beta, and soon, we'll release additional functionality that will:
  • Easy segmentation and customization by business unit
  • Efficiently reuse work across business units
  • Get a unified compliance view at the organizational level
  • Ingest and leverage data required for automated compliance"

How do I enable workspaces in Vanta?

  • If workspaces would benefit your company, reach out to us, here!

Navigating Between Instances 

  • Once workspaces have been enabled on your Vanta account, all instances will be available at the top left-hand corner.
  • You can move from one instance to the next by hovering over the currently selected instance and choosing the desired instance from the dropdown



Editing Company Information 

  • Select Settings from the left-hand navigation panel
  • Select Information 
  • Add the appropriate information, such as the company name, and select Update Information 
  • This can be done in each instance you have available in Vanta 

Setting up Each Instance 

  • Each instance within Vanta will need to be provisioned. This will include connecting integrations, writing policies, and creating user groups. 
  • If you are unsure of where to start, take our Getting Started in Vanta course in Vanta Academy

Workspaces Console

Workspace Console Admins can now access the Workspace Console, which provides them with an aggregate view of data across all connected Workspaces. To start, they can view and manage users across Workspaces. By default, the primary admin has been added as the first user to the Workspace Console. This person has permission to add additional users to the Workspace Console
  • Log in using your email; this must be done the first time you log in to view the Workspaces Console.
  • Go to the Workspace picker and select Workspace console

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Workspaces Dashboard

The workspaces dashboard is an overview of each of your instances within Vanta. Here you will see metrics related to framework progress and status for each workspace.


Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 4.15.41 PM.png


The user's page details each user with Vanta access and what workspaces they can access. You can edit the user's role from this page or unlink them from a specific workspace.

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