Users Permissions & User Roles

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The Users & Permissions page allows you to select which individuals in your organization can access the Vanta Platform.


Users & Permissions Page 

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Settings
  • Choose the User Permissions Tab
  • Select the Your Organization Tab
  • To assign a user a role within Vanta, click the + Add User button (if you don't see these options, you do not have Admin permissions within Vanta)

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  • You can choose the team member from user profiles created by the connected identity provider or manually invite them using a company email address.
  • Select the role you would like to assign to this user

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  • To Revoke a user's permissions, click the three-dot menu button and select Revoke Role
  • To change the user's role, Search for the user and adjust the role drop-down.


Roles Page

Roles are set permissions related to managing your security and compliance program that can be assigned to users within the Vanta platform. They ensure that team members have access to only what they need to complete their work.

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Default Roles


Full access to everything in Vanta


Full access to everything in Vanta except for sensitive employee data and API tokens


View-only access to everything except for evidence management. Auditors can accept or reject evidence.

View-only Admin

View-only access to everything in Vanta.

Sales Admin

Can view basic information and manage external access to your organization's Trust Center.

Custom Roles

Custom Roles can be created to assign specific permission to a role.