Linking Multiple Trust Centers

  • Updated

For companies with multiple Trust Centers, you can now link Trust Centers together so that prospects and buyers can easily find and navigate all of your organization’s Trust Centers. Once your Trust Centers are linked, viewers of your Trust Center will see a dropdown in the header where they can navigate between your Trust Centers



  • You’re leveraging workspaces and have a Trust Center for each workspace enabled
  • You are an admin for your organization’s workspace console 
  • You have more than one Trust Center that is publicly accessible 

How to setup

  • On the Trust Center Settings page, navigate to Link Trust Centers 

  • Select Link and select the Trust Centers you want to link together for your viewers
    • Note: You can only link public trust centers
    • Reorder the Trust Centers in the order that you want them shown

  • Click Save, and you will see your Trust Centers are linked

  • Confirm your Trust Centers are linked by navigating to the View mode of your Trust Center



Why can’t I navigate to the other Trust Centers from the Edit mode? 

  • You can only edit Trust Centers within the workspace of that Trust Center since it relies on data in each workspace 

Can I also link private Trust Centers? 

  • No, this capability is only available for public Trust Centers

What happens if I make one of my linked Trust Centers private? 

  • The Trust Center will no longer be linked to your other workspaces’ Trust Centers 

Can I still share a specific Trust Center, or will it always default to the primary?

  • Each Trust Center maintains its URL so you can continue to share Trust Centers independently. The only difference now is that viewers can easily access your other Trust Centers from the dropdown.