Frequently Asked Question: Why Should I use Integrations?

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At Vanta, we like to say, “The more you integrate, the more we automate!” Automating helps your company prepare for your audit and stay compliant too. When you make connections in Vanta, you set your organization up to receive a wealth of data from our integrations. In other words, integrations allow Vanta to do the tedious leg work for you and informs you what is out of compliance the moment it happens. 


Making connections sets the foundation for your security framework. With each connection, you’re setting up Vanta to tell you where the gaps in your system are. This is similar to a gap assessment usually conducted by auditors at the beginning of your engagement to demonstrate what you need to work on to get compliant. This is typically a costly engagement and also an engagement coveted by the auditors because it provides a clear roadmap of what is needed to get compliant. 


Once your organization’s integrations are connected, the Tests page in Vanta will serve as your real-time gap assessment. As you fix issues in your system, you’ll move closer to a compliant dashboard. Extensive insight into what is and isn’t compliant can also cost a pretty penny from an auditor, so be sure to take advantage of this feature by making as many API connections as possible.


You’ll have several tasks to complete during the audit process to get compliant. These tasks can be administrative (e.g., policy creation, ensuring employees complete security awareness training annually, documenting business practices) and technical (e.g., system hardening measures, access reviews, vulnerability scanning). Both types of tasks are integral in completing an audit. While you can meet all of your administrative tasks without any integrations with Vanta, you shouldn’t because you’ll be missing out on the automation associated with the 60% of controls revolving around your underlying cloud infrastructure, versions control system, identity provider, task tracker, and human resources information systems.


Do you want to gather essential information to get a leg up on your compliance journey?


Start making those integrations now, and you’ll be on your way to a more secure, compliant future!