Assignment and Ownership for Tests, Policies, and Documents

  • Updated

To split up work across your team, you can assign items in Vanta to specific people. Vanta will automatically notify that person. 

Vanta supports assignments in the following places:

  • Tests page
  • Documents page
  • Policies—The Policy Category on the Tests page allows for ownership to be assigned via the related automated tests. 

You can assign any person to your Vanta account, not just admins! If the user is not a Vanta admin, they'll see a stripped-down test and document view.

Assigning owners

  • To assign an owner to an item, click Edit under the owner column. Hover over the owner's name or the word Unassigned. You will see a pen icon become available to edit ownership.
  • Select a user from the dropdown to configure an assignee.
  • Using the filter at the top, you can quickly find which items are unassigned or assigned to a specific person.

Assignment behavior

  • By default, Vanta will send alerts on each item to the assigned people.
  • Each assignee can see the list of alerts and configure the behavior on their own Account notifications page.

Test Notifications

If there are individuals on your team outside of the test owner who would benefit from receiving notifications of test failures, you can now add up to ten emails as subscribers to the test.

  • Open the Test page
  • Click on the test you would like to add additional subscribers to
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Subscriber's fields
  • Add up to ten emails
    • This can also include a team's mailing list or the mailing address of a Slack channel.

  • In the event of any test failures, notifications will be batched and sent to every team's mailing list or address for four hours.