For systems in scope for your access review that do not integrate with Vanta, using the access file uploader template will help consolidate your data and streamline your access review. This process allows Vanta to be the single source of truth for you, your reviewers, and your auditor. Currently, this process will require the assistance of the Vanta support team.

Using the File Uploader Template

  • Download the Vanta Access File template
  • Make a copy of the template, and title the file "Access File - [Your Company Name] - [System/Platform Name]."
    • The table below will detail the required fields and required corresponding information.
  • Access to the system that does not integrate with Vanta
    • Retrieve the account access list & data. This may be an access export file, a screenshot, or a simple copy and paste. Populate the newly saved file with the required information.
      • Capitalization differences are allowed. 
      • Extra spaces are not allowed.



Accepted Values


Account name


Character string

Use this field to capture the name of the account to be reviewed

Account owner


  • Valid email in Vanta 
  • "Not a person" 
  • "No owner"  
  • "External user"

Use this field to indicate who this account belongs to



Character string

Use this field to indicate the role of the associated account 



  • "Active"  
  • "Deactivated"

Use this to tell if the account is active

Access Appropriate


  • "Yes" 
  • "No"

Use this to indicate if the access the owner has is appropriate. You can leave this blank if you plan to perform the access review after uploading this file. 

Date created (UTC)


  • "YYYY-MM-DD" format 

Use this to indicate the date the account was created

Date deactivated (UTC)


  • "YYYY-MM-DD" format

Use this to indicate the date the account was deactivated.


Sending the File to Support

  • When the template has been completed, email 
  • Attach the file as a .CSV to the email
  • In the body of the email, please include the following: 
    • Company Name:
    • System/Platform Name: 
    • Point of Contact Email: