Event Log

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Vanta's Event Log shows a history of changes made within Vanta including administrative activities, data modification, and user logins. This will give admins within your Vanta account a detailed understanding of who did what and when actions occurred, giving you more visibility into activity within Vanta and assisting with:

  • Debugging and troubleshooting any issues caused by changes
  • Detecting compliance and security violations to reconstruct any breaches
  • Providing any legal compliance evidence


Accessing the Event Log

  • From the left-hand panel, select your account name at the bottom right-hand corner and click Event Log



  • The entire event log will appear but can be filtered by:
    • User: filter by a specific user's actions 
    • Action: filter by a particular activity that was taken within Vanta
    • Target: filter by the specific area an action would affect
    • Date Range: filter by a specific period of time



  • Event Logs are retained for 1 year from the event time stamp. This feature is not retroactive from the date the feature went live, October 28. 


What events are listed in the event log?


  • Marking off-boarding complete
  • Assign users to a group
  • Creating a new user
  • Editing user details
  • Linking a user to the person in your HRIS
  • Unlinking a user to a person in your HRIS
  • Linking users to background checks
  • Marking users as not people
  • Marking users as people


  • Creating a new custom policy
  • Approving a policy
  • Renewing a policy
  • Adding a synced policy document
  • Uploading a new policy document
  • Updating a draft policy document
  • Deleting a draft policy document
  • Deleting an unapproved policy document
  • Requesting a user to approve a policy document
  • Canceling an approval request


  • Acknowledging an SLA violation
  • Reopening a vulnerability
  • Ignoring a vulnerability


  • Connecting integrations for the first time

  • Updating integrations

  • Deleting integrations


  • Assigning an owner to a test
  • Deactivating monitoring for a test
  • Reactivating monitoring for a test


  • Assigning an owner to evidence
  • Setting renewal cadence for evidence
  • Uploading a new document to evidence
  • Deleting a document from evidence


  • Logging into Vanta