How to manually install the Vanta Agent on Windows via Command Prompt

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This is a guide on how to manually install the Vanta Agent on a Windows device using a command line.



  • Administrator permissions on the device. If you do not have administrator access to your computer, You must contact the system administrator or IT team of your company. 

  • Vanta Admin permissions, or assistance from your Vanta Admin to obtain the Vanta Key. We are unable to give it to you since the key is confidential information.
    The Vanta key must be obtained by your administrator from the computers page and provided to you. Here's how your admin can retrieve the Vanta key:
    • Visit the Computers page -> Unmonitored tab
    • Select 'View setup instructions'
    • Select 'Option 3: MDM and Vanta Agent'
    • Follow the direction for Windows



  • Launch Command Prompt in administrator mode.

search command prompt.png


  • In Command Prompt, copy and paste the following command to download the latest installation file
curl -Lo vanta.msi

The installer will be downloaded and placed in the C: WindowsSystem32 directory.


  • Locate the company's Vanta Key, This can be provided to you by your admin.
    • Vanta Admin can locate the key within Vanta using the following steps: 
      • Navigate to the Computers Page
      • Click on the Unmonitored Tab
      • Click on View Setup Instructions
      • Click on Option 3: MDM and Vanta Agent
      • Look for the phrase VANTA_KEY (highlighted in pink in the screenshot below)


  • Run the below command prompt in your terminal, replacing 'VANTA_KEY' with the key from the previous step, and 'YOUR_EMAIL' with the email for the device's primary user:

    msiexec /i vanta.msi /passive /qn VANTA_OWNER_EMAIL="" VANTA_KEY="VANTA_KEY"


  • The Vanta agent will run as a silent installation. Once completed, the installer can be removed by running the command 
    del vanta.msi

Troubleshooting Installation Errors

  • If continual installation issues are encountered, additional logs can be generated by adding the flag /l*v vanta.log to the installation command

msiexec /l*v vanta.log /i vanta.msi /passive /qn
  • Please send this file to, and we will be happy to assist you further!