Connecting Jira Team-managed software and Company-managed business projects to Vanta

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There are two types of projects in Jira; one type is team-managed software, and the other is company-managed business software. You can see this under the type column on the projects page in Jira.




This is important because connection steps differ depending on the type of Jira project you want to monitor in Vanta. This article will outline the steps needed to grant permissions for two kinds of projects. 



  • Administrator privileges in Jira and Vanta


Procedure for a Company-Managed Business Project

  • Go to the projects page in Jira and hover over the company-managed software project you want to connect to Vanta. Click on the[…]  and then click on Project Settings


  • You should be taken to the project settings page, where you now click on Permissions.




  • Next, click on Actions(with the gear icon) on the top right, and then select the first option, 'Edit Permissions. 


  • You will be taken to a page listing permissions. Scroll down until you see Browse Projects.



  • We will need to grant the account used to connect Jira to Vanta this permission. You must do this to be able to pull in this project. To begin this process, click Update.


  • And then click the checkbox next to 'Single User' on the checklist that pops up on the screen:



  • You will now see a search box where you can search for the administrator account you will be using to connect Jira to Vanta and select it.




  • Click Update to save, and you should see a 'Done!' message with a green checkmark on the top left of the screen:





  • If you want to be able to create and assign issues on the test page, you will need also to grant the account the following permissions:
      1. Create Issues
      2. Assign Issues
      3. Assignable User
  • They can be found in the same list of permissions as the Browse Projects permission from step five under Issue Permissions.

  • You would repeat the same steps by clicking Update, checking Single User, and selecting the administrator account you are using to connect Jira to Vanta. If you don't want to grant these permissions, you can re-connect Jira to your Vanta instance. 



Procedure for  a Team-Managed Software Project

  •  Go to the projects page in Jira and hover over the team-managed software project you want to connect to Vanta. Click on the[…] of the project, then click on Project settings: 


  • You will be redirected to the project settings page. Select Access from the left-hand menu:




  • Click the blue 'Add People' button in the top right 


  • Now you can search for the Jira account you will be logged into when connecting Jira to Vanta. This should be an administrator account:



  • Now set this user's role as either a viewer or member. Choose viewer if you do not desire to grant Vanta write permissions; this means you will lose the ability to create Jira tickets from the test page in Vanta.

  • Choose a member if you would like to be able to create issues in Jira from a test page in Vanta: 



  • Click Add to save the changes: 


  • You can now go ahead and re-connect your account.