Github Error: “Internal Server Error"

  • Updated

Administrators can encounter an "Internal Server" error when attempting to connect Github from the integrations page: 

This is usually caused when an organization has an IP allow list enabled, and Vanta's IP address cannot access this resource. The solution would be to add Vanta's IP to the allowlist in Github using the instructions provided in Github Docs. You can follow the steps below to get Vanta's IP Address. 




  • Sign in to Vanta as an administrator and head to the integrations page.

  • Click on the purple 'IP address' hyperlinked in the text under the 'Integrations' heading.

  • After clicking it, the address should be copied to your clipboard, and a green message should appear at the bottom of the page:


  • You can now paste this address into the allowlist by following the steps under Editing an allowed IP address.