How to fix "Waiting for data" clock on the Computers page

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Some devices on the computers page may show a grey clock, instead of a green checkmark for different device requirements that reads (when hovered over) waiting for data.


The waiting for data symbol can show for any of the requirements: Password manager, HD encryption, antivirus, or screen lock:

Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 3.53.33 PM.png



Have the device owner try the following: 


  1. Open terminal (easiest way is cmd + space bar & search for 'terminal')
  2. Copy/Paste sudo /usr/local/vanta/vanta-cli reset
  3. Hit 'Return'. It may ask you for a password (use the password you have to download apps or to open your computer)


  1. Search for cmd.exe in the search bar. Right-click and select “run as administrator.”
  2. Type C:\PROGRA~1\Vanta\vanta-cli reset and press return

After running the command, it can take a few hours for the device to check in again.

The waiting for data symbol should be replaced with the status of the requirement with a green checkmark, or a black x. The black x indicates that the requirement is not being met on the device. 

Common Issues

If the waiting for data symbol still shows after trying the steps above, the device owner may need to reinstall the Vanta agent: 


Mac uninstall/reinstall

  1. Open Terminal (easiest way to find it is cmd+space bar "terminal")
  2. Copy and paste the code below into the Terminal:
    sudo /usr/local/vanta/vanta-cli uninstall
  3. To reinstall, please visit

Windows uninstall/reinstall

  1. Go to Apps & features, search for Vanta and click on the Uninstall button.
  2. Delete the files in the Vanta folder from this location C:\ProgramData\Vanta.
  3. Please reboot your machine before attempting to reinstall
  4. To reinstall, please visit