How to upload your completed Audit report

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If you've completed your observation window and received your report, you can upload it to Vanta!




  • You must have the file to upload




  1. Go to the Audits page
  2. Select "Upload audit report" or "..." and the "Upload audit report" next to the appropriate audit period. If you select "Upload audit report" will have a dropdown to select the desired audit. If you select "..." then "Upload audit report" the popup will specify that observation window:



If you select "Upload audit report" it should look like this, with a dropdown allowing you to select the observation window:



If you select "..." then "Upload audit report" it should look like this and call out the specific audit you're going to upload the report for:



Once you select "Upload" it should then show your file for the desired observation window. If you run into any issues please contact and our team will be able to assist! 

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