Frequently Asked Questions: Onboarding a Rehired Employee

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Suppose you are rehiring an employee who has previously worked for your organization. In that case, you must ensure they are correctly onboarded to meet all security and compliance requirements. 


  • Even if a person is rehired or someone who has previously worked for your company, it is essential to onboard the employee as if they were new.

  • Onboarding them as a "new" employee allows you to ensure all proper new hire checklist items have been completed when you are audited. Still, it also maintains the employee's previous onboarding and off-boarding information.   

  • If previously linked accounts have been reactivated (i.e Slack etc) this can trigger tests that verify if a former employee has access been removed to fail. To fix this, ensure any reactivated linked accounts are unassigned from the Rehires previous offboarded Vanta profile, and are reassigned to the new active profile. 
    See our guide on how to do this here: How to Reassign Accounts on the Access Page