Approving a Policy

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After uploading, editing, and reviewing a policy, the last step before it is ready for employees is to approve it.


Policies can be approved by any Vanta user with admin or editor status. The policy approver can be anyone at the company, but it is suggested that the approver be the person in charge of enforcing the Policy. If the policy has any further questions about who can be an approver, please contact your auditor. 



Submit a Policy for Approval

  • Click on the completed Policy follicle policies page
  • Click Submit for Approval 
  • Select approver from the dropdown list. The approver can be yourself, or a different user. Ensure the user is a Vanta admin or editor. Standard users will not be able to approve policies.  
  • If you are the approver, click Next, and review the groups of employees that will be assigned the Policy policy
  • Select Approve
  • If selecting a different user, the assignee will receive an email about this approval request. They will be able to see the approve button once logged in with their Vanta account. To make edits to this Policy, Policy the approval request.
  • Review the groups of employees that will be assigned the Policy 
  • Select Submit

Approve a Policy 

  • Click on the Review in Vanta link in the e-mail sent to your inbox


  • Sign in with your company's login option 
  • Click View File and review the Policy 
  • Click Approve


Once the Policy is approved, it is ready for employees to accept.


Cancel Approval Request

  • Click on the completed Policy from the policies page
  • Click the ... 
  • Click Cancel Approval Request Screen_Shot_2023-04-07_at_8.52.09_AM.png