Audit Page

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The Audit Page shows all of the details of your organization's previous, current, and future audits. You can track timelines, share customer information, and upload audit reports from this page. 


Accessing the Audit Page

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Frameworks 
  • Select View audit schedule 



Uploading the Audit Report

  • Select Upload audit report.


    • If the audit was completed outside of Vanta, check This audit was completed outside of Vanta.
  • If the audit was completed within Vanta, choose the audit firm you worked with from the drop-down
  • Upload the audit report
    • Upload PDF files up to 50 MB 
  • Add the completion date
  • Select Upload 



  • If you need to update or edit the audit information, you can select the three dots menu 



  • From here, you can also view what the auditor sees by selecting View as an Auditor


Share Audit Reports with Customers 

  • If you would like to share the audit report with your customers, you can check the box in the Share with Customers column



  • Any Vanta customer who has added you as a vendor can view and download this report


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