Audit Page

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The Audit Page in Vanta is your one-stop location for all things related to your compliance audits. From here, you can manage reports, and timelines, and connect with your auditors.


Audit Page Overview

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Audits
  • There will be two tabs, Active and Competed 
    • The active page will detail current audits, and the completed page will give you access to previous audits and audit reports
  • You can filter for specifics, including Audit Firm, Framework, and Status, or search for terms directly from the search bar

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  • The Completed page will allow you to view previous audits and download the reports 
  • Audits can be deleted, and audit reports can be downloaded by selecting the three-dot menu

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Manage Audit Firm Access

  • When beginning your audit, you will first need to assign access to your chosen audit firm. This can be done by selecting Manage audit firm access from the top right-hand corner or selecting the Manage audit firm access tile in the center of the page 

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  • From here, you'll be taken to your Settings page, where you can add the audit firm your company has chosen to work with 

Starting the Audit

  • Select Add audit from the center of the page or the button at the top right-hand corner

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  • A popup modal will appear
    • Auditors will have view access to your controls and their supporting evidence (tests, documents, and policies) for the framework that's being audited.
    • Only data encapsulated within the audit window will be visible to your auditors.
    • Auditors can create custom evidence requests if they need additional evidence from you.
    • Auditors won't be able to view employee-sensitive data.
    • Auditors cannot add or modify user access.
  • When you are ready, select Continue to add audit

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  • Select the Framework, enter the full domain of the audit firm, and who will be performing the audit
  • Choose the dates for the audit window and which date you would like to give your auditor access to your audit information 
  • The early access date (if granted to an auditor) will allow for the auditor to access your Vanta instance before the audit window. Early access means the auditor can help you with a readiness check and can ensure that you are audit-ready!
  • Click Add Audit

  • Active audits will be visible from your Active tab on the audit page
  • From here, you can edit the audit dates and view the timeline of your audit 
    • Please keep in mind that dates still must be confirmed with your auditor

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  • You can also View as an auditor. Viewing as an audit will show you exactly what your auditor has access to in your Vanta account
  • Once you have received an audit report, you can upload it directly from this page by selecting Upload audit report 

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Editing Audit Dates 

  • If you need to edit your audit dates, you can do so from the Audit Page
  • Select the three-dot menu of the audit you would like to edit

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  • Select Edit Audit Dates 
  • Add the appropriate date information
  • Select Save

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