Error: Users not showing as passed for KnowBe4 security awareness training

Sonali Modi
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Environment Details


Users are utilizing KnowBe4 for Security Awareness Training (SAT) which integrates with Vanta to track the completion of the training and compliance. Employees that are confirmed to have completed the SAT in KnowBe4 and are flagged in Vanta as not having completed the SAT.




  • Users do not have the correct KnowBe4 campaign configured in their Integration profile
  • Employee's emails do not match between KnowBe4 and Vanta, this will make it so the training cannot be linked to the proper profile in Vanta. 



Users do not have the correct KnowBe4 Campaign configured:
Review Integrations by checking the Integrations > KnowBe4 > Manage > 
Edit > Add campaign. After the campaign is configured, the users should reflect as passing their security awareness trainings in Vanta.


Mismatched emails - to update an email in KnowBe4 so it matches its counterpart in Vanta:

  • Log into KnowBe4, navigate to the Users tab
  • Select the dropdown arrow next to that user, click 'edit'
  • Once updated, click 'update user'

Screen Shot 2023-08-24 at 9.45.30 AM.png


Once updated, the completed trainings should appear for that user in Vanta shortly after. 


Additional Information: