Connecting Vanta & MongoDB Atlas

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The read-only MongoDB Atlas integration syncs user and cluster data to automate multiple tests and ensure your databases are set up securely.



  • The organization owner is required to generate the new API key to ensure correct permissions are inherited
  • Navigate to your MongoDB Atlas account and select the organization that you would like Vanta to monitor. You must be an organization owner to generate a new API key
  • Select Access Manager, followed by Organization Access
  • Click Create API key and create a new key with "Organization Read Only" permissions
  • Click Add Access List Entry and add the IP
  • Copy the generated values, then navigate to the Integrations page in your Vanta instance and search for 'MongoDB Atlas'
  • Click Connect. Paste the Public Key and Private Key generated to their respective fields when prompted
  • Select Validate and Store

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 4.24.59 pm.png

Keep in Mind

  • After connecting your MongoDB Atlas environment to Vanta, Your Multi-Cloud Cluster Database doesn't appear within the Connection Scope.
  • Currently, We're unable to retrieve those resources from MongoDB Atlas via the API Endpoint [Get all clusters]
  • Unfortunately, there is no resolution to this issue at the moment, However you can provide manual evidence via Document upload of your Multi-Cloud Cluster alert settings and backups.