Connecting Vanta & MongoDB Atlas

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The read-only MongoDB Atlas integration syncs user and cluster data to automate multiple tests and ensure your databases are set up securely.




  • The organization owner is required to generate the new API key to ensure correct permissions are inherited




  1. Navigate to your MongoDB Atlas account and select the organization that you would like Vanta to monitor. You must be an organization owner to generate a new API key

  2. Select Access Manager -> Organization Access

  3. Click Create API key and create a new key with "Organization Read Only" permissions

  4. Click Add Access List Entry and add the IP

  5. Copy the generated values, then navigate to the Integrations page in your Vanta instance and search for 'MongoDB Atlas'

  6. Click Connect. When prompted paste the 'Public Key' & 'Private Key' generated in step 5 to their respective fields.Click Validate and Store. 

    Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 4.24.59 pm.png


Common Issues

After connecting your MongoDB Atlas environment to Vanta, Your Multi-Cloud Cluster Database doesn't appear within the Connection Scope.

Currently, We're unable to retrieve those resources from MongoDB Atlas via the API Endpoint [Get all clusters]
Unfortunately, there is no resolution to this issue at the moment, However you can provide manual evidence via Document upload of your Multi-Cloud Cluster alert settings and backups.



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