Creating, Uploading, & Renewing Policies

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Use Vanta's Templates

  • From the Policies page, select Start for the policy you would like to work on

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  • From here, you can import your policy or take advantage of Vanta's templates and policy editor
  • Creating the policy from scratch will take you to the predefined template 

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  • Use Vanta's template to create a policy that reflects your organization's needs 
    • Using the policy editor
      • Use a pre-established template
      • Make any necessary edits
      • Submit for approval
      • You can also delete and reset the template by selecting Delete and Reset in the top right-hand corner of the policy editor page.


      • Once the edits have been made, select Submit for approval
      • Choose the approver
      • If you are the approver, you can approve the document. You can assign the approval to someone else if you do not wish to be the approver.


      • Once the policy is approved, it can be assigned to employees in onboarding settings
      • If the policy has already been assigned to employees, you can ask them to reaccept it once it is approved by the pop-up model



Create a New Version

  • Open the designated policy
  • Select Create a new version


Upload a File

  • Select the policy title
  • Select Upload a file from the computer 

  • Select Upload to select the file from your device, or Drag & Drop the document into the highlighted space.

Note: Currently supported file types are .docx & .pdf, and must be 50 MB or less

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Sync a File


Renewing a Policy

  • If you don't need to change a current policy and would like to renew it, open the policy and select Renew
    • If the policy has already been assigned to employees, you can ask them to reaccept it once the pop-up model approves it.
  • Select Renew