Troubleshooting Office365 MFA Issues

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Troubleshooting Office365 MFA Issues

If you're encountering issues with your Microsoft Office account MFA Status syncing to Vanta. First, try the following steps below to determine if MFA has been correctly configured via Azure AD:

  • View your User Registration details via the Authentication Methods Activity Dashboard
  • Confirm that your User account is first Capable of Multifactor Authentication registration, then has an authentication method registered and set as a default.



Azure Premium License required for Office365 MFA Test

Currently, We can only support the detection of MFA on Azure AD Premium P1 or Azure AD Premium P2 plans. These plans expose the 'IsMfaRegistered' field on users through the MSGraph API. If your users aren't showing as passing the test, Confirm that you have a compatible Azure AD Plan via the information below:



Troubleshooting MFS via MSGraph Explorer

  • Find the user's details in the returned list:
  • The "IsMfaRegistered" field must be set to true