Having Multiple “users” in Vanta for the Same Person

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In some situations, it’s possible to see a person represented multiple times in Vanta. Here are some ways this can happen:
  • Multiple tenures (Examples): The person left and re-joined the company. Or a person switched from a contractor to an employee.
  • Multiple IDP accounts: An admin provisioned new IDP accounts for the same person throughout the course of that person’s employment. Prior IDP accounts are deleted or suspended.
  • Mix of manually-created and IDP-created people: Sometimes Vanta or an admin can create multiple representations, depending on when accounts are provisioned.
  • Different emails (or other basic info): Sometimes a person has their basic info changed (e.g. email address) and this gets tracked as separate people.
It’s okay to have multiple representations for the same person if these track separate employment. Each representation for that person will have its own onboarding and offboarding. Vanta ensures that there can only be one active representation for that person for a given email.
In situations where there are multiple representations and they should represent the same employment, you can:
  • Determine if a duplicate representation can be marked out-of-scope on the Integrations page. Maybe it’s made by mistake (such as an IDP account that’s created extra.)
  • Reach out to support@vanta.com, and we can attempt to consolidate the representations.
Vanta can fail to load certain people from integrations if that can cause multiple active representations for that person.
An example of how this can happen is if:
  1. IDP is connected, pulling in all users and creating people in Vanta
  2. IDP user is marked out-of-scope, causing the related Vanta person to be out-of-scope
  3. A person is created manually in Vanta with the same email address
  4. The IDP user is marked back in scope. This would fail to resurface the original Vanta person for this IDP user. An error would show up on the related test:
One way to fix this is to off-board the manually-created person, which would allow this IDP-powered person to resurface the next time Vanta refreshes data from your IDP.
You can also reach out to support@vanta.com for more help on your particular situation.