How Does a Person's Employment Status get Determined?

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At a high level, Vanta prioritizes a person’s employee data from the following sources:
  1. Your HRIS
  2. Your identity provider
  3. Information you submit directly in Vanta

If employee info from a particular provider is marked out-of-scope, Vanta will not monitor or consider it.



  • From your HRIS, Vanta automatically links HR info with a person based on a combination of email address and name matching. You can also manually link HR info with people via the Manage HR data dialog on the People page.

Offboarding - HRIS

  • A person marked as inactive or terminated in their HRIS will trigger offboarding in Vanta. Ex-employees can no longer log in to Vanta.
  • Note: Since Vanta prioritizes HR info more than IDP info, a person with inactive HR info can enter offboarding even if their IDP is still active.



  • From your IDP, Vanta automatically creates people in Vanta if no existing person is found. It’s not possible to unlink or re-link IDP info associated with a person in Vanta with another person.


Offboarding - IDP

  • A deleted or suspended IDP account will trigger offboarding for the linked person in Vanta (unless this person is still linked to an active HRIS account.)


Manual input

  • On the People page, you can manually add a person



  • You can edit by clicking on Edit details in the person detail drawer


  • You can only edit a manually-managed person. Otherwise, this info is managed in your HRIS or IDP.



  • You can manually initiate offboarding on the Offboarding tab of this person by hitting the Offboard button